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ACTAS (1998-present)
Outline:Accounting Assitant for economics; ACTAS supports the ESA 1995 accunting system (Eurostat) and the BPM 93 balance of payments system (IMF); the user can either navigate in the original systems or tailor them via account compression, sector consolidation or transaction coarsening in order to get a more or less detailed view on the respective system
Client:Universitätsverbund MultiMedia NRW (Wissenschaftsministerium Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Material:Presentations, Publications
MAKROMAT (1990-present)
Outline:Simulation tool for macroeconomic modelling; the integral system approach covers income-expenditure models, IS-LM-FE (Mundell-Fleming), AD-AS, DAD-DAS (dynamic AD-AS via Phillips-Curve); possible types of analysis: statics, comparative-statics and dynamics; via its COM-interfaces MAKROMAT can be linked to ACTAS and GENEFER. This allows for viewing simulation results in a real-world accounting scheme and simulating rule- and experience-based expecatiation formation processes respectively.
Material:Presentations, Publications