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EU Fiscal Policy Support to Bosnia and Herzegovina (2007-2009)
Outline:The project is addressing the needs to establish fiscal policy making and centralised policy coordination capacities within the given complex multi-layer political and institutional structure in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Major tasks within this project comprise: (1) Facilitating the process of fiscal policy formulation of the Governing Board (GB) of the Indirect Tax Authority (ITA); (2) Supporting the build-up of functioning cooperation between the relevant institutions; (3) Building capacity of economists and policy advisors of Macroeconomic Analysis Unit of ITA and of the Fiscal Council through targeted training methodologies; (4) Development of Financial Programming / Macroeconomic forecasting/ Fiscal Framework models and revenue forecasting sub-models; (5) Assisting the development of coherent fiscal data reporting; (6) Awareness raising activities for fiscal developments
Client:Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH; European Commission
Position:Key macroeconomic modelling/training expert